About Us

about us

Booze Buggy, LLC

We are a local start-up company from the Bay Area, CA. We started this company with every intention to offer people our services in hopes of showing them a good time and be a part of a monumental point in their life. We understand that life can be hard at times that’s why we formed this company to relieve some of the stress some of our clients may endure when it comes to planning and having a portable bar in the vicinity, can get rid of some that stress of having to plan for making a great cocktail, who’s going to tend it, or having the clients make it themselves, when all they want to do is relax and enjoy a beverage, whether it’s with alcohol involved or a non-alcoholic beverage. We don’t have a set price on our services because we do take into account of how many people are going to be drinking (head count), how much alcohol or non-alcoholic beverages will be included, as well as how many hours you as a client will be needing our services. We do recommend giving us some time in advance to show up to your get together (a week or 2). If you need us right away, an extra rush fee will be accrued on the bill. Click on the contact us tab to book us! Our promise is backed with a good time.